How to View Multiple Tracks at Once

You can view multiple tracks at once by pinning them to your workspace. Assign different colors to each track to distinguish them from each other.

Here’s how: (Read instructions below or watch a short video here.)

Pin a vessel track to your workspace:

1] Select a vessel track by clicking a point on the heat map or search for a specific vessel using the magnifier icon at the top of the information panel.

2] Open the “Vessels” tab in the information panel on the right.

3] Next to the vessel name, select the pin icon to pin that vessel’s track to your workspace.

Pin track 1

Repeat the process to pin multiple vessel tracks to your workspace,

Distinguish multiple tracks by changing their color:

1] With the “Vessels” tab open, select the gear icon, then select the dropper icon next to a vessel name.

Select Dropper track 1

2] Slide the color scale on the right to the desired hue.

Select hue track 1

4] Click on the dropper again and move the small square inside the color box to the desired value or saturation.

Select saturation track 1

Repeat this process for each vessel you wish to colorize.

You can also toggle the visibility of each vessel track on and off:

1] While in the “Vessels” tab

2] Select the gear icon

3] Click on the toggle next to each vessel name.